Sachets and Pouches

We offer manufacturing and contract filling of sachets and pouches.

With a variety of substrates/films, including laminated, metallic, clear and polyethylene (Tyvek).  Plain or printed sachets are available.

Our specialised ‘form fill and seal” machines are capable of filling liquids, powders and granules.

  • Liquids, with volumes from 5 millilitres upwards; and
  • Powders and granules, with weights from 10 grams upwards.

Your sachets can be packed and configured to your specifications into zip lock bags, pails, retail display cartons and/or shippers.

Dissolvable Sachets

Our management experience with water soluble packaging dates from the 1980s. We are pleased to share with you our wealth of knowledge and experience in dissolvable packaging.

We manufacture water soluble sachets for industrial and commercial applications, including aviation sanitisers, industrial floor cleaners and commercial laundry detergents.

Dissolvable packaging delivers significant benefits in terms of hygiene, dosage control and ease of use. Direct handling of the product is eliminated and precise, pre-measured quantities are delivered.

Water soluble films are biodegradable and environmentally friendly; non-toxic,
anti-static, resistant to ultraviolet light, gases, oils and grease.

Typical products packaged into water soluble film include:

  • Detergents
  • Cleaning products
  • Deodorising compounds
  • Water treatment products
  • Dyestuffs, pigments and
  • Construction additives
  • Agrochemicals
  • Fertilisers